A Thousand Years Will Pass

A Thousand Years Will Pass


As the Nazi war machine ravages Europe, 19 year old Regina Belyeu returns to Warsaw and meets Anton Dziengel, a young Jew chafing at the bit to fight back. They are plunged unwittingly into deep love that could cost them their lives because under the Nazi regime, Jew and Gentile together is punishable by death. The Jews are terror stricken as daily, new directives are issued, systematically stripping away their rights, then their property, and finally they are herded into and sealed in the newly built ghetto. Anton and other young people attempt to obtain weapons and rally people to fight back but are met with resistance and disbelief. As the fearsome darkness continues to grow and people are starving and dying, they realize Hitlers plan to annihilate the biological foundation of Jewry. Finally, the Nazis announce a resettlement in the east. Each day, thousands are rounded up and taken by trains to a camp at Treblinka. It is soon discovered that those people are being gassed to death. The roundups halt, but the fighting movement prepare for The Nazis return, ready to fight back when they do. Knowing that in the end they cannot win, they are determined to resist and to live with honor and die with honor

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Carol Corinne Morgan
Paperback | 454 pages
152 x 229 x 26mm | 662g
Publication date
11 Apr 2018
Xlibris US
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white