James Herbert - The Authorised True Story

James Herbert - The Authorised True Story


For almost 40 years, Herbert was Britain's most popular horror author. With sales f over 50 million copies, he carved a niche in quality bestselling fiction all of his own. Famous for his Rats trilogy and The Fog, he broke away from the cut-and-thrust populist horror novels of the 1970s and 80s to more thought-provoking works, featuring the scientific reasoning behind the manifestations of the ghosts and spirits in which he truly believed. Books such as Others, Once..and The Secret of Crickley Hall bear testament to his growth as a writer and his continuing desire to chill his readers. Craig Cabell's exploration into the dark, sinister world of James Herbert is given incredible depth thanks to a series of over a dozen exclusive candid interviews. Drawing striking parallels between Herbert's career and the events of his life, this work sheds light on the personal demons which drove the boy from London's East End to become the per-eminent horror writer of his generation. Cabell, a friend and confident of Herbert's until the very end, shares personal correspondence and reminiscences - including one of Herbert's previously unpublished pieces entitled To Ye All - to complete a portrait of one of the most iconic authors of the 20th Century. Prepare to be gripped by the utterly adsorbing last chapter in the life of the Master of Chills.

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Craig Cabell
Paperback | 288 pages
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01 Apr 2014
John Blake Publishing Ltd
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London, United Kingdom
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