How to Age Gracefully : Growing Older with Grace, Elan & Style

How to Age Gracefully : Growing Older with Grace, Elan & Style


There is a confidence, poise, and sophistication that only comes with age. It is a certain serenity and joie de vivre. It might have come at a high cost. It might be carved out of knowledge that there is still life after illness, tragedy, and heartache. It is the realization that despite all of that, we can all still find moments of deep joy. If we are lucky enough to survive all the things life throws at us and are in our second act of life, let's be sure to embrace life and learn to make the most of every moment. In this book, you will find inspiration, motivation, and reassurance that you can have your best life ever during your later years. For the most part, we have little control over what happens to us. Mostly, all we can control is how we respond. Attitude is everything. This is the time of life to take control of that attitude. To embrace what we as older women have that younger women don't have, but will also one day earn if they are lucky enough. There is a reason that men in Paris and Rome seek out women "of a certain age" who are witty, self-confidence, and utterly comfortable in their own skin. They may or may not have the body they had when they were in their twenties and that's okay because their joie de vivre, nonchalant attitude and worldliness make them more beguiling and mesmerizing than their younger counterparts. And, in fact, many women are finding that with age and self-confidence comes a new eating and fitness regime that has helped them have the body they dreamed of decades earlier. Learn how to embrace growing older. Learn how to make these the best years of your life. Take a page out of chic French and Italian women of a certain age and learn to live with joie de vivre and truly embrace growing older by becoming utterly comfortable in one's skin. This inspirational and practical guide will show you easy ways to grow old gracefully by focusing on style, fitness, morning routines, balance in your life, work, relationships, health, makeup, attitude, motivational and inspirational icons and ways to continually enrich your life. This indispensable book is one that you will keep on your nightstand and refer to often for inspiration.

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Kristi Belle
Paperback | 48 pages
152 x 229 x 3mm | 77g
Publication date
12 Jul 2018
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform