Folkhlore : Purple Black & Silver ... Folkhlore II - Vol.II (of II)

Folkhlore : Purple Black & Silver ... Folkhlore II - Vol.II (of II)


... One hundred years have passed since that fateful moment when Vonchesca Barringstonne selfishly sank her teeth deep into the flesh of Yorris Folkhe ... since that stolen moment in time, Yorris healed, gained complete control of his immortal being, and became the Perfect Creature who rapidly rose to power - anointed himself King by violent invasion, and outright occupation on two previous occasions . During the second rule of Yorris's shadow, he found his current mortal Queen, Ellouez Thelos Worthers . Together they ruled for over fifty years before finding themselves alone, in front of the decrepit walls and arched wooden gates of yet another Kingdom to claim by mere fierce Creature ... ... The year is 1669, and a filthy, corrupt, and slave ravaged Monarchy by the sea transforms to a shimmering, powerful, creative, and ever expanding Kingdom beneath the protective shade of a Vampyre King, and his mortal, beloved Queen - together spawning pure vengeance by sea, and overwhelming inherited violence of force upon land invading armies . Haunted, and taunted by Creatures from his past, and the threat of a new beast roaming his physical consciousness, Yorris Folkhe guides his Perfect Creature, his Queen, his new fledglings, and his new Kingdom by the sea beneath their chosen, waving colors of Purple, Black, and Silver ...

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Mr David James Freeman
Paperback | 662 pages
152 x 229 x 34mm | 871g
Publication date
09 Jul 2018
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform