Where Secrets Lie : Tales of Legend-Haunted Arkham #7

Where Secrets Lie : Tales of Legend-Haunted Arkham #7


Where Secrets Lie: Tales of Legend-Haunted Arkham Episode 7 is an Episode for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Role-Playing Game. It is set in the city of Arkham. The Cast are called together by their mysterious host; Mr. Ramirez, to attend an exclusive party at the dance club; the Metal Church of Asmodeus on the west side of Arkham. Some of the party goers have much that they would rather stay hidden and they will do what they must to keep those secrets coming to the light of day. Hidden dangers abound during this night of festivities and the Cast will be lucky if they manage to survive to see the dawn. This Episode is the first that has been designed to be run in the Live-Action format, it can manage up to 23 Actors. This Episode comes with 23 pre-made Persona Sheets and Persona Background Cards, all a Director needs to do is pick up this Episode, make copies of the Personas and Background Cards and they are ready to enter the dark and shadowy world of Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles. Where Secrets Lie made its first appearance through Cthulhu International at the Origins Games Fair in 2010.

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MR Andrew Adkins, MS Bree Orlock
Paperback | 92 pages
216 x 280 x 5mm | 236g
Publication date
24 Aug 2014
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white