Quaint Essential New Orleans : A Crescent City Lexicon

Quaint Essential New Orleans : A Crescent City Lexicon


If you write about New Orleans, get it right about New Orleans. In Quaint Essential New Orleans, I will take you on an entertaining and personal journey through the Crescent City's culture of unique iconography, vexing geography, and mystifying terminology. Enjoy a generous serving from the colloquial melting pot with ingredients borrowed from the French, Spanish, Creoles, African Americans, Cajuns, West Indians, Irish, Italians, Germans, Native Americans, Canadians, Vietnamese, and a smattering of Yat mixed in just to make your mom-n-em happy. The resulting mélange of creative and colorful references for streets, food, Mardi Gras, jazz, local characters, geography, history, and culture, blends into a delicious gumbo of grammar which is often mispronounced, misinterpreted, misunderstood, and misspelled. Do you understand the distinction between the terms: Mardi Gras and Carnival - roux and rue - Storyland and Storyville? Can you give directions to Dead Man's Curve, Monkey Wrench Corner, or Pigeon Town? Can you name the Emperor of the World, the Voodoo Queen, or the Chicken King? Do you know what it means to mispronounce New Orleans, banquette, Tchefuncte, flambeaux, Tchoupitoulas, or lagniappe? If you are producing a movie or documentary in New Orleans. If you are writing or anchoring a local newscast. If you are editing a city newspaper, magazine, or website. If you are writing a television series set in the Crescent City. If your next novel is about New Orleans. You Need This Book!

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Kevin J Bozant
Paperback | 190 pages
152 x 229 x 10mm | 263g
Publication date
14 Sep 2012
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication City/Country
New Orleans, La.
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white